The DNA of Primeum

Primeum background

Founded in 1994, Primeum is a company dedicated on Incentive Compensation.
Our ambition is to provide our clients with global solutions based around Incentive Compensation, from diagnosis to implementation, via the design and establishment of efficient, measured and sustainable bonus schemes.

We have chosen to focus our specialisation in a single area of expertise, whose level of complexity and associated managerial and social challenges require a high level of agility and responsiveness in order to meet our clients’ needs.

Our mission is to use our analytical precision and capacity for innovation to help our customers conquer the challenge of developing motivational schemes combining both clarity and complexity and the ambition of their operational targets.

A meticulous approach supported by our 360° vision

Our unique approach allows us to capitalize on job synergies between the various centers of expertise within our company. Our Consulting department draws upon the expertise of our technical teams, as the quality of the implementation process requires that eventual constraints be accounted for as early as possible during the project.
Our operational models combine psycho-sociological skill sets with concepts of motivation and mobilization with statistical and mathematical expertise - this is the only way to ensure we can generate a precise picture of the effects generated by our incentivizing actions, which is what our clients request.
This duality results in bonus schemes that meet the strict business requirements in terms of motivation, effectiveness and budget control.

Our overall offer, from the design of bonus schemes to our proprietary, production and decision-support software, and our variable remuneration management service, enables us to support our clients in the implementation of schemes, right through to the precise and exhaustive calculation of bonuses, analyses and associated dashboards.

Our outsourcing services allow us to strengthen the link between our consultants and project managers with operational teams, thereby developing their understanding of the issues faced by our clients on a daily basis.

Constant development to safeguard our independence

Our ambition is to continue developing our growth in the Incentive Compensation market.

Our constant and sustained growth over almost 30 years is testament to Primeum’s market position, based on our global approach of the incentive compensation sector.

Since its creation, Primeum has chosen to pursue an independent strategy, which is what has led us to develop our own tools to respond to our clients’ needs.

ADN Primeum

Our development principles remain focused on three priorities of the Incentive Compensation market:

  • Strengthening our position as a European market leader
  • Accelerating our international development, in particular through the supply of services to regional and global platforms
  • Supporting leaders of small businesses and start-ups, who, like major companies, are eager to optimize motivation and performance levels among their staff