Our discount policy consultancy service

Primeum can help you assess or build your discount policy by creating conditions that will encourage your clients to adopt purchasing behaviour that benefits you both.

Why are trade terms such a powerful lever for profitable growth?

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  • By becoming more straightforward and more transparent, you will eliminate many counter-productive behaviours adopted by your clients and sales staff, particularly side effects caused by thresholds or stacking of rules, the impact of which is very difficult to anticipate and simulate.

  • Focusing on volume often damages profitability, while you can reconcile the two by designing the grids in an innovative way.

  • The effects of fixed financial fees for some clients, linked to the difficulty of challenging agreed on conditions, create unequal treatment between clients, needing to be eliminated as part of a new win-win deal. If some thought is embedded into the design of the grids, the volumes to which clients are committed can be accuraltely forecasted and customers are driven to meet them.

  • Realign the value proposition and agreed discount policy so that the budget is focused on the company’s strategic priorities: from introducing a new range to cross-selling and up-selling, anything is possible.

Our methodology adapts to your needs

You are probably already convinced that your company has a lot to gain, but achieving your goals is always complicated, time-consuming and a source of internal tension due to its financial impact. Moreover, you do not have the modelling tools likely to reassure you, or innovative alternatives that allow you to create the desired incentives.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, we will adapt our approach, which takes the form of three complementary stages:


Discount policy methodology


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