How do you manage, calculate and co-ordinate variable pay?

With the Incentive Manager Toolsuite (IMT), Primeum allows you to address your full range of needs in terms of design, calculation and communication of incentive schemes to your teams.

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Incentive Manager

a solution to automate the entire calculation process

70% of companies calculate their incentive compensation using Excel®…

…and yet, none of these companies trust the same program to calculate their fixed salaries.

Automating the calculation process reduces the time spent checking and recalculating employee bonuses by an average of 40%.

How can you avoid disappointing your teams?

  • Making accurate calculations despite the complexity of bonus schemes
  • Up-to-date calculations via automation of the whole calculation process

How are calculation issues taken into account?

  • Tailored configurations covering the full range of your needs
  • Adjustable settings enabling fast and efficient integration of new developments

How can a complex process be made reliable?

  • Checks carried out in native mode during each stage of the calculation
  • Guided investigations where errors occur
  • Continuous improvement of the calculation process

Incentive Tracker

a solution for following-up with your teams
Visuel Incentive Tracker-2

“There is no point in running, you have to animate.”

60% of commercial directors consider that their bonus schemes are insufficiently well-communicated.

However, incentive compensation remains a powerful tool for aligning the action plans of recipients with the company’s strategy throughout the performance cycle.

How can you get your teams on board with pay schemes right from the beginning of the cycle?

  • Communicating bonus plans to them as soon as they are approved; and
  • Defining, validating and communicating objectives on time.

What’s the best way to present the performance aspect during a sales cycle?

  • Regular and interactive monitoring of performances and associated bonuses
  • Simulation of bonuses based on likely performance

How do you centralise interactions with your team at the end of a cycle?

  • Automated data flow coming up from the field (i.e. HR data);
  • Managing qualitative performance assessment workflows / Scorecard; and
  • Managing MBO (management by objectives) management workflows).

Target Manager

a solution for defining and validating objectives

60% of sales managers believe objectives lack precision and fairness.

The effectiveness of a scheme based on performance bonuses by its very nature depends on the ability to set an ambitious and attainable performance requirement for each employee.

How can we determine individual objectives precisely and fairly?

  • Preliminary analysis enabling the definition and optimization of methods for breaking down individual objectives.
  • Native management of individual cases to take into account certain events that can be anticipated over the performance period.

How you can industrialize the calculation of objectives?

  • The calculation of your objectives for each new performance cycle in just a few clicks.
  • Flexible settings enabling efficient development management.

How do you get your management team to adhere to the set objectives?

  • Implementation of adjusted workflows and objective validation
  • Help to decision-making, taking conditions in the field into account in the software