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Enriching and cross-functional roles

Primeum’s career roles are characterized by high professional standards, tenacity and the need to involve oneself fully in the subject matter in order to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. All Primeum employees can draw upon the company’s unique wealth of expertise, working on projects that cover all aspects of team motivation and compensation. This flexibility will enable you to learn from those around you, work with a range of client profiles and continue to develop your professional skill set.

Solidarity and teamwork in a close-knit-workforce

Primeum offers you the opportunity to join a team of experts who prefer solidarity and teamwork to hierarchy and competition. Our working environment is friendly and convivial, allowing each individual talent to shine through and prosper. Company-wide staff meetings are held every month, while the internal schedule is also punctuated by regular seminars and team lunches.

Responsibility and continuous skills development

As soon as you join Primeum, you’ll be involved in client-facing projects under the supervision of a tutor. In addition to your integration training, these supervised missions will allow you to collaborate directly with the Associates.

Primeum encourages each of its employees to develop their ideas and take initiative, whether involving expertise development, team management, methodological processes or internal agency affairs.

High-profile and varied clients

With over 25 years of experience, Primeum operates within a network of highly prestigious and varied clients.

Thanks to our 360° approach to compensation services, our clients include companies of all sizes and from all sectors: healthcare, retail, banking and insurance, industry, etc.

Professional and personal balance

Over the years, Primeum has structured a policy of supporting its employees’ family and professional lives.
Options are available for managing your working time (working from home, part time), as well as sabbatical holidays allowed by the company and a “young parent” policy that offers real flexibility for all our staff. 

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