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      NPS: how do you take into account the Net Promoter Score in your incentive compensation plan?
      “In addition to the NPS, every month, one or two employees from the customer relations department come to the management committee to provide customer feedback....
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      What is business performance?
      The business performance of a company is based on multiple criteria such as management style, customer relationship management and the quality of the service pr...
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      The 5 keys to success in managing incentive compensation
      To motivate your salespeople and improve business performance, you need to communicate and manage incentive compensation throughout the performance cycle! Howev...
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      Are incentive compensation schemes in the pharmaceutical industry becoming more “qualitative”?
      The introduction of so-called “qualitative” indicators in the incentive compensation schemes of promotion teams has been presented for some years now as a break...
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      Incentive compensation: what are the different types of bonuses?
      An employee’s remuneration is not always limited to their fixed salary. The employer may pay various individual or shared bonuses to supplement it. These includ...
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      Recruit top talent with incentive compensation!
      “Many start-ups need to attract experienced applicants, even from key accounts, but to bring them in, they need to offer attractive salaries” – Yassine Bentayeb...
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      Incentive compensation: a lever to boost sales staff’s morale?
      The Covid-19 crisis is taking hold over time and the morale of some salespeople is flagging. Faced with falling turnovers, isolation due to remote working, lack...
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      Digitalisation: a movement accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis
      Covid-19 has revolutionised the way companies operate, forcing them to completely rethink the way they work. What with home working, the digitalisation of tools...
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      What is management by objectives or MBO?
      Management by objectives is a managerial model which emerged in the 1960s and which does not concern only strictly qualitative objectives. The mechanism for cal...
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      The four qualities of a sales manager during remote working
      As pillars of a company’s development, sales managers are the guarantors of sales performance. Sales management is constantly evolving and adapting to the curre...
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      Restoring group momentum after the Covid-19 crisis: a major challenge
      The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a large number of organisations to change their modes of operation radically. At a time when remote work is becoming widespread...
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      How can companies revise national and individual targets?
      The health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has had direct consequences on the economy, particularly on company activities. With shops closed during lockd...
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      The 10 golden rules of incentive compensation

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