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      How can AI improve skill management?
      It might be a source of much worry and doubt but AI is already present in the professional world and it is becoming unavoidable for managers and human resource ...
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      Why shouldn’t sales representatives fear AI?
      As an increasing number of professions become very concerned by the development of artificial intelligence, sales teams are also considering their professional ...
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      Pay transparency: too utopic?
      As the fight for equal pay progresses, pay transparency continues to raise debate. What does pay transparency really mean and should it really be considered to ...
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      How should a sales representative’s salary be calculated?
      The essential criteria for the salary of a sales representative are that it should be motivating for the employee, coherent with market sector averages and real...
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      Manager, a profession in itself
      In the business world, the word manager is often associated with the idea of promotion or career advancement. It’s the position to which we aspire after having ...
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      How can we evaluate performance effectively?
      Company success can only be possible if performance is evaluated correctly. This can be awkward for many employers who hesitate when it comes to finding the bes...
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      Everything you need to know about commission based pay
      Commission based pay is appreciated by many employers who want to propose a variable portion of employee salaries that is directly linked to the company’s finan...
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      Incentive compensation audits: methods and advice
      Incentive compensation audits are an essential part of creating and implementing a suitable and pertinent bonus payment scheme. Incentive compensation audits ha...
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      Incentive compensation and digital HR: the stakes and challenges
      Have you heard about digital HR? This is where human resources enter the digital revolution, and businesses benefit directly. Discover the benefits of this tran...
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      Mental health in the workplace: what role can incentive compensation play?
      There is no escaping the fact: the mental health of French employees is getting worse. What are the causes behind this phenomenon, how should suffering be expre...
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      7 common misconceptions about incentive compensation: our expert opinion
      Since it involves achieving precise objectives and implies that a part of the salary cannot be taken for granted, incentive compensation is often seen as obscur...
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      Why have some businesses got rid of individual bonuses?
      Some employers prefer to get rid of individual bonuses in favour of a collective bonus or fixed pay rise. Some of them have told us the reasons for these decisi...
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      The 10 golden rules of incentive compensation

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