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      Staff isolation: reasons and resolutions
      Isolation in the workplace affects the majority of company executives. This sense of isolation and feeling lost comes from the increasingly demanding degrees of...
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      Sales management: how to get your team to accept your objectives
      Obviously, business productivity will be the main reason for needing to get your team to accept your objectives.
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      Trends in post-COVID management
      “The current environmental, economic and societal circumstances suggests there will be other crises in the future which organisations will have to get used to, ...
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      Incentive compensation: a lever to boost sales staff’s morale?
      The Covid-19 crisis is taking hold over time and the morale of some salespeople is flagging. Faced with falling turnovers, isolation due to remote working, lack...
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      The four qualities of a sales manager during remote working
      As pillars of a company’s development, sales managers are the guarantors of sales performance. Sales management is constantly evolving and adapting to the curre...
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      Junior sales people, digital natives, experienced managers, seniors: how to motivate them?
      There are four main business profiles: junior sales people, young people, experienced executives and senior sales people. The expectations and objectives of eac...
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      How to encourage your unmotivated salespeople to sell better with incentive compensation?
      Did you know that salespeople called "soft belly" represent 60% of sales teams? These are agents that cannot be categorized as bad in terms of results. Generall...
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      Commercial manager : How to ensure the motivation of your team?
      To boost your sales team performance, be sure to assign individual and collective goals, measurable, achievable and finally, fair. Focus on the main actions for...
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      Yellow card : For the company motivation, our ways to enhance yourself
      To ensure success of your business, business motivation must be at the heart of your team's game. Our ways to avoid the yellow card and do not fall into the mos...
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      Good resolutions : How to motivate a commercial team at the beginning of the year?
      Less than 10% of companies set their targets in December for January. The bigger the company is, the more the report refers to objectives communicated late. The...
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      The gamification associated to incentive compensation: when earning more becomes a game
      Playful, energetic, addictive but also challenging, factors of team cohesion and likely to boost the results of your teams especially commercial ... The games a...
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      Motivating teams: challenges and objectives of incentive compensation
      A company’s economic health is inherently linked to the motivation levels of its staff, particularly its sales force. However, fixed salaries do not allow the c...
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      The 10 golden rules of incentive compensation

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