Incentive compensation and discount policy expertise

Our expertise, consisting at driving positive behaviors by best interpreting the reward linked to an objective, is deployed in two areas:
  • The incentive compensation targeting at increasing the motivation of your employees
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  • The development of your clients thanks to discount policies adapted to your challenges
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Incentive compensation - A quick guide

Variable remuneration supplements fixed salary, enhancing and rewarding the individual and collective performance of your employees. It allows you to incentivize your staff to achieve the results set by the company, by rewarding them based on the level of performance they have achieved.

There are several ways of calculating incentive compensation, but the most common options are commission, target bonuses and ranking systems.

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360° expertise of incentive compensation

Our expertise is the result of a thought process that combines the scientific method with our robust working knowledge of how to foster motivation via incentive compensation.

Our 360° global vision takes into account the full range of challenges associated with incentive compensation, enabling us to provide a response that is perfectly-suited to our clients’ needs, from the creation of bonus schemes through to implementation.

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our consulting services

Our consulting services

Primeum offers tailor-made consulting services from diagnosis to the redesign of companies’ variable pay schemes. Having developed expertise through the management of around 100 projects per year, the firm offers a systematic working method adapted to the challenges faced by large companies.

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Our software suite

With the Incentive Manager Toolsuite (IMT), Primeum allows you to address your full range of needs in terms of design, calculation and communication of incentive schemes to your teams.

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About our company

Primeum is a Consulting & Services agency whose work is exclusively dedicated to incentive compensation and its motivational effectiveness.

For almost 25 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to make our specific area of expertise into a cutting-edge tool to support the operations of major companies.

More recently, the launch of a dedicated service package for small businesses enterprises and start-ups has enabled us to provide a more adapted response to the needs of growing or emerging companies.

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