A packaged consulting approach for SMEs & start-ups

Incentive compensation experts to support you in your strategy and the design of your bonus schemes.

Quick Win analysis

Visuel Analyse Quick WinTogether, we'll set out to analyse your commercial strategy in order to establish an incentive scheme that is both effective and tailored to your business.

We can also carry out analysis of existing bonus schemes and the effects they are generating.

We then observe the discrepancies between what the schemes produce and your original intentions to derive recommendations for the development of future specifications.

Drawing up specifications and bonus schemes

Visuel Cahier des ChargesDrawing up specifications is one of the fundamental steps that will enable your compensation schemes to be aligned with your company’s strategy.

  • Here are some examples of issues we will need to address:
  • What budget should I devote to variable pay to motivate my teams?
  • What should the proportion of variable in relation to fixed salary be?
  • From what level of performance should I start paying bonuses and up to what level?
  • How should a senior employee be treated compared to a junior employee in the company, and should their incentive compensation be differentiated?

Based on a previously-business requirements document regarding your incentive compensation policy, we’ll construct a bonus scheme that is customized and adapted to your needs, before going on to implement these scales via our incentive tool

Roll-out and support

Visuel Déploiement et AccompagnementWe’ll show you how simple the tool is to operate, and how you can use it to monitor the incentive scheme for your employees in just a few clicks.

This makes it easy to present and roll out your incentive scheme.

The deliverables will be provided to you in editable Excel formats or in our Comment-remunerer tool, an intuitive SaaS tool for managing variable pay on a daily basis.


an intuitive saas tool to manage
and share incentive compensation in everyday situations
Outil How incentivize

The How-incentivize solution provides you with all the resources you need to manage variable pay as a whole, adapted to the context of a small and medium-sized organisation.

Pre-configured motivational incentive plan

  • Your incentive compensation rules are configured by our experts within the tool, but you have the ability to modify them at any time if you decide to update your policies.
  • The interface will guide you through each step, in order to guarantee the motivational effectiveness of your incentive schemes.

Bonuses calculated in few clicks

  • Once the parameters have been established, calculate bonuses for all your staff and generate steering dashboards for easy monitoring and quick access.
  • Maximum simplicity - just import an Excel file into the tool.

Driving performance and bonus

  • Sharing, with your employees, on performance history and bonuses earned with your staff couldn’t be simpler.
  • Your employees can now even use their personal web page to simulate how much an additional sale would add to their bonus, using their smartphone or tablet.