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      Digitalisation: a movement accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis
      Covid-19 has revolutionised the way companies operate, forcing them to completely rethink the way they work. What with home working, the digitalisation of tools...
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      How can companies revise national and individual targets?
      The health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has had direct consequences on the economy, particularly on company activities. With shops closed during lockd...
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      Why do companies consider more and more the outsourcing of the calculation and co-ordination of their incentive compensation ?
      While the health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has required companies to adapt their incentive compensation systems, this also raises questions about t...
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      Covid-19 : How should the annual performance review be conducted remotely ?
      An annual performance review involves evaluating an employee’s professional skills, identifying his strengths and areas for improvement, taking stock of his per...
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      Covid 19 : the need to review objectives
      The health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on sales may mean the incentive compensation schemes for sales teams need adapting. Many avenue...
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      What are the main incentive compensation questions to be asked in order to restart the activity at crisis end?
      Depending on the type of business, the lockdown’s impact on sales will be more or less strong and might change in time. For the majority of businesses, there is...
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      The 10 golden rules of incentive compensation

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