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      Individualisation of remuneration: why show managerial courage?
      Managerial courage, a concept worth (re)defining, seems necessary when implementing a strategy of individual or incentive compensation for employees. Why and to...
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      Incentive compensation: a vehicle for wage equality?
      The share of incentive compensation in European salaries, all schemes included, rose from 17% in 2000 to 33% in 2015 (European Trade Union Institute ETUI study,...
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      Sellers, sales representatives and support functions: innovate to retain your teams!
      “Fifty-five per cent of full-time employees are listening to the market and 35% of them think about a future job within weeks of starting a new job” (Sales Recr...
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      Why compensation and benefits (C&B) managers are increasingly in demand in companies
      “Today, it is clearly impossible to motivate and manage employees and keep them happy using straightforward and standard pay schemes. You have to be creative wh...
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      How to avoid overspending on incentive compensation?
      “Depending on the level of responsibility and business line, the variable component represents one to three months of the employee’s base salary. The pay-out (i...
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      Business developers: commercial 3.0s
      “As far as remuneration is concerned, it is worth remembering that these type of employees like uncapped incentive compensation” – Marie Taquet, CEO and founder...
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      Trends in post-COVID management
      “The current environmental, economic and societal circumstances suggests there will be other crises in the future which organisations will have to get used to, ...
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      How can upselling improve your sales performance?
      Are you looking to improve your sales performance, do you want to boost your company’s turnover and are you on the lookout for tried and tested sales techniques...
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      Remote selling: a threat or an opportunity?
      Sixty-four per cent of B2B companies plan to increase the number of ‘hybrid’ salespeople (who interact with clients via video, phone, apps, and occasionally in ...
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      Four reasons to introduce incentive compensation
      “Incentive compensation makes no distinction between male and female employees, but it does objectively set apart top performers from everyone else” – Fabien Lu...
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      Strokes: a new way to motivate your WFH teams!
      “When you say hello properly, you can see the other person become aware of themself as a phenomenon, you reveal yourself to them, and you’re ready for them to r...
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      How do you talk to your employees about compensation?
      Companies that score well on compensation and benefits see 56% fewer departures (Tendances Mondiales du recrutement (Global Recruitment Trends), 2020, LinkedIn ...
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