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      Why does incentive compensation require specific expertise?
      Primeum has been developing its incentive compensation expertise for over 30 years. Our agency’s ambition is to propose clients with global incentive compensati...
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      How can managers reward the ability to make their employees independent?
      A manager’s qualities are judged by their ability to make their employees independent. This is their main responsibility, and a significant part of a company’s ...
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      Incentive compensation: a motivational lever to stop ‘quiet quitting?’
      ‘Quiet quitting’ is a new phenomenon which is testing the business world. It involves refusing to make work a major part of life. Employees are therefore clearl...
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      A four-day week: an argument for retaining talent?
      Reducing the number of working days for employees is an idea that more and more companies are embracing. But is a four-day week really effective in retaining ta...
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      How do you set performance targets?
      Setting performance targets is as crucial as it is difficult. They should benefit employees and the company. What are the key rules for setting targets, what mi...
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      Companies need to reinvent the role of manager
      Once considered an aspirational position, the role of manager is becoming less and less attractive to young workers. This is because the role is unclear and man...
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      Why does incentive compensation require special expertise?
      For over two and a half decades, Primeum has been building up its expertise in incentive compensation. From assessment to the implementation of effective system...
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      The freedom-form company: a look into 3 payroll innovations
      According to Isaac Getz, lecturer at the ESCP Business School, “the freedom-from company” is a business approach founded on staff responsibility and freedom. So...
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      Employers: how should you react to the “Great Resignation” phenomenon?
      France appears to be catching up with the US and the “Great Resignation” whirlwind, with increases in normal staff departures and the number of resignations goi...
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      Is your incentive compensation plan effective?
      Your sales-force incentive compensation scheme must be well constructed if you want it to make sense and motivate your staff. And to achieve this, your system w...
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      Is it time to put an end to working-from-home?
      Covid-19 and its associated lockdown periods forced governments and businesses to adopt and impose a work-from-home policy on their staff. This work-from-home p...
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      The vital training of human resources staff in incentive compensation
      Incentive compensation is a unique motivational tool in companies. But for it to be fully effective, it is important that employees have a clear and detailed un...
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      The 10 golden rules of incentive compensation

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