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      New technologies to support your sales people
      "The explosion of data available on the web (social networks, blogs, press ...) upsets the codes of B2B sales. New purchasing behaviors, digitalisation of socie...
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      Onboarding: how to you ensure that your sales people are ready to go in the field?
      A new sales person joins your team? He certainly has excellent capabilities, but he does not yet know the codes of your company policy and do not know exactly y...
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      6 tips for pushing your sales forces to make up-selling and cross-selling
      Cross-selling and up-selling, both sales techniques, aim to boost sales figures. Their basic principle? Encourage customers to buy more related products for the...
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      Does incentive compensation make commercial people more effective?
        If in BtoC, the bonus represents 20 to 25% of the total compensation and can reach 50% in BtoB, its objective is primarily the investment and the implication ...
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      Key words of incentive compensation
      They are so common that we almost forget their definition and their primary objectives. Look back at the most commonly used terms across the lexicon of incentiv...
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      Incentive compensation or commercial challenge: what is the most effective tool for motivating your sales representatives?
      Bonuses and games, two levers known to be particularly effective in influencing the motivation of your employees and their effectiveness. The point with Herve D...
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      Quiz of incentive compensation: test yourself before you go on holiday!
      What better than a quiz of incentive compensation to address this summer period with confidence? Primeum wishes you a happy holiday.  
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      Why do HR directors have an important role to play in your incentive compensation strategy?
      "Human resources are at the heart of transformation strategies and a new population of Human Resources Managers (HRM) is emerging, which will legitimately find ...
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      Incentive compensation in HR functions: where do we stand?
      Recruitment, talent management, training: these three roles of the HR function are undeniable drivers of performance within the company. Here are the key indica...
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      Conflicts around incentive compensation: how to avoid traps?
      Compensation is an important recognition criterion, and this why makes it so complex. If it is justified by strictly professional elements, there are also an em...
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      Incentive compensation : Which indicators to use for the support functions?
      "Historically, variable compensation mainly concerns sales teams. In recent years, it has tended to extend to all of the company's jobs. Thus, the marketing fun...
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      How can an incentive compensation consulting agency become GDPR compliant?
      According to a survey conducted in late October 2018 by the Legal and Administrative Information Direction, two thirds of French people declare themselves more ...
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      The 10 golden rules of incentive compensation

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